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Having an "Unplugged Wedding"

If you have been to a wedding in this decade, you have seen a well-meaning guest, in the aisle during the ceremony, holding up their ipad to record a video for the newlyweds. This seems like a great idea to them at the time, but what they don't realize is that their ipad will be directly in the line of sight of the videographer's static camera. What that means is instead of the videographer capturing a perfect shot of your wedding ceremony, you will be able to see Uncle Tom trying to operate his ipad for years to come. If you have hired Relive Your Day, you're covered because we always use at least two different camera angles. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

Here's another scenario: You have paid a couple of thousand dollars to hire the best photographer you can find to capture the most elegant, unique photos during your formal photo session. Instead of being enamored by the beautiful photos your photographer captured and skillfully edited, your guest puts some instagram filters on them and posts them, tagging you for all of your followers to see. Not only does this rob you of the element of surprise your photographer loves to wow you with, it diminishes your costly professional wedding photos to a secondary experience once they are released.

Don't allow your guests to devalue your professional wedding photos or wedding video with their personal communication devices.

A popular way to avoid these issues is to have what we call an "unplugged wedding". This term means that guests are asked to keep their devices put away during important events such as your ceremony, photo session and dances. You can achieve this by including a note on your invitation, displaying signs about your venue, having your officiant make an announcement or a combination of these. A light-hearted request will no doubt, be met with respect and reverence.

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