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LGBTQ & Same Sex Wedding Videographer

We've had the privilege of capturing many same-sex weddings and approach each one with the same type of creativeness and professionalism as we do with any other wedding we capture. Florida was one of the first states to make it legal so we got a jump start on these weddings before the rest of the country finally started allowing people to marry the person they love, with no room for discrimination. We proudly support the LGBTQ community and their right to get married, just like everyone else!! While we're based in Florida, we LOVE to travel and would consider it an honor to capture your wedding, anywhere in the world! All of the pricing for our most popular packages listed on our pricing pages applies to weddings in Florida and the surrounding states! Below are just a few of our most recent videos! Contact us at 386-569-4087 to check our availability and discuss your wedding!

Rita & Tiffany Wedding Highlight Video - 8-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception @ The Hemingway House in Key West, FL

Emily & Nicole Wedding Highlight Video - 2-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception @ private residence in St. Augustine, FL

Bianca & Sarah Wedding Highlight Video - 6-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception @ Jupiter Beach Resort - Jupiter Beach, FL

Latoya & Shakala Wedding Highlight Video - 8-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception @ Sunset Cruises - Destin, FL

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