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Our Package Pricing

We consider your wedding unique

There's no one size fits all package for wedding videos. Some couples are looking for one day of photo/video coverage while others want us to cover the whole weekend. Some couples want our Full Video to watch their wedding play like a movie (with credits and outtakes) while other couples are only interested in a short Highlight Video or even just the RAW footage. Some couples are interested in a photo/video combo package and others only need one or the other. For this reason, we prefer to customize every package we offer to fit what you're looking for the best we can! However, because we understand that you're trying to get an idea of our pricing we can tell you that most couples invest $3,500-$6,000 with us. So, please fill out our contact form with as much information as possible to help us determine a couple options to create wedding packages that will allow you to relive your day forever!

Wedding Video Info

Descriptions for the edited videos we offer:
-Full Length Video

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from most current videographers is that we offer a Full "Movie" Video, commonly referred to as a Doc(umentary) Edit. This video gives you with the opportunity to watch all of the events that happen during your wedding day in their entirety in a long-form video that you watch like a movie, complete with a credit roll at the end and outtakes of the most funny candid moments that take place throughout the day. Most current wedding videographers only offer a 20 minute version for their Feature Length Video and some only offer shorter versions. Our Full Length Videos are typically 45-60 minutes for 6 hours of coverage and 60-120 minutes for 7-10 hours of coverage. The amount of time varies depending on the length of your ceremony, speeches and other main events because you'll be watching them in their entirety, edited to give you the best shots from two or more camera angles. The other portions of the day (ie. Getting Ready, Photo Session, Decorations, Mingling, Open Dancefloor, etc.) are edited into montages throughout the video and set to a soundtrack of your choice. CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE OF OUR FULL VIDEO! (It's over an hour long so we know that you'll probably skip through it but make sure to check out the blooper reel at the end because it's usually one of our couple's favorite parts. Also, remember that the music selection was picked by the couple, we just try to make their songs fit to match the flow of the video.)

-Full Highlight Video

The first thing that you'll probably notice that's different about our wedding videos is that we can't tell you how long the Highlight Video will last. Some videos take 20 minutes to tell the full story while others only need about 8 minutes. What we can tell you is that we're going to tell the COMPLETE story of your wedding with a true-life cinematic feel, rather than an abbreviated one. Our Highlight Videos  include audio from your vows, speeches, officiant and letters that you write to each other. The Highlight Video is delivered through a link online that will allow you to download, watch and share it. To help make your story more compelling and personal, we suggest that you write your own vows or letters to each other. We do understand that some people are more private and/or too shy to do something like that so if you're not comfortable with writing something don't worry, we will still be able to tell your story by using great music and all of the special moments you shared with each other and your guests on your wedding day. We use Vimeo and Mediazilla to host our Highlight Videos and with most video hosting websites, it is illegal to upload videos without a proper music license. To stay compliant, we pick the music used for the Highlight Video from a few different music libraries we subscribe to, based on the style of music you selected to be used during your wedding day or something that just matches the flow and style of your unique wedding video. The cost for licensing the music is included with every package we customize.

-Short Highlight Video

Some couples are looking for something more short and sweet so we also offer a short 4-7 minute highlight video, that's just like the longer version but just doesn't last as long.

-Teaser Video

We realize that sharing something quickly, while people are still excited and talking about your wedding, is important. So, we include a 1-3 minute teaser video of your wedding day with several of our packages, which is delivered through Facebook & Instagram within 3 days of the wedding.

-Ceremony, Speeches & Formal Dances Edit

Let's face it, the portions of your wedding day that are the most important to almost every couple we've worked with are the Ceremony, Speeches & Formal Dances. So, we offer the chance to watch them back in their entirety in several of the packages we offer. We use 2-3 cameras for all wedding ceremonies and 2-3 cameras for the speeches as well as professional audio recording devices. We also use at least 2 cameras for the formal dances So, we edit these videos to give you the best angles and audio of your entire ceremony and speeches/toasts.

-RAW Footage

In the last few years we've had more couples than ever want to keep it as simple as possible, either due to budget restraints or just because they're more private and don't care about showing off their video(s). RAW footage allows you to watch the video footage we captured, just like watching a home video or the type of wedding videos your parents or grandparents have, complete with all of the camera movement and quick zooms. These videos are not polished at all and very lightly edited, just to organize them into a collection of clips from whatever portions of the day they're associated with. We also include RAW as an add-on to any package and can customize packages to include it. The best thing about having the RAW footage is that you can have us use it to create any of the other edited videos we offer as well, at a later date.

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All Video Packages Include:
-Minimum of Two Video Cameras

It is essential to have more than one camera angle for the main events on your wedding day! If the view from one camera gets obscured for a moment by a photographer or guest, we always have another angle to work with. We provide 2-3 camera angles for all of the major events that take place on your wedding day. The more footage we have to work with, the better your video will be.

-Audio Recorders with Lapel/Lav Microphones

Clear audio is very important to us and should be to you as well! We provide two audio recorders and lapel mics, which we put on the groom and officiant during the ceremony to ensure that you are able to hear all of the important words spoken during your ceremony. For speeches/toasts during the reception we connect an audio recorder to the DJ's soundboard to make sure that we capture clear audio of anyone who speaks into the microphone.

-Off-Camera Lighting

We try to use natural light as much as possible but there are some moments during the reception when there's just not enough natural light to keep the quality consistent, no matter how good your camera is. In those instances we use 1-2 LED panels on stands when the natural light is dim. These lights are elevated high enough to not shine directly into the eyes of you or your guests and small enough to be discreet. 

-Drone Footage (Weather & Location permitting)

We love to use our drone to capture aerial footage of the venue(s) as well as the city or region your wedding is taking place in. The only thing that will prevent us from using it is the weather or a no-fly zone.

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