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Revolutionary Booth

Mid Michigan's 360 Booth Rental Service

"The one place where the world DOES revolve around you!"

What is a 360 Booth?

A 360 booth is actually a slow motion video booth (as seen above). You and your guests stand on the platform and move around while a camera on a mechanical arm spins around you!

How many people can fit on the platform?

Our booth allows for up to 3-4 adults to be on the platform comfortably and safely at one time.

How do our guests receive their videos?

As soon as the session ends, guests will have the ability to send the digital slow-motion video to themselves via email or text message. Then they can upload it directly to whatever socila media platform they prefer or forward it to other people through email or text. To make the experience more personalized, you can even apply a custom overlay graphic, backdrop, survey and more.

How much space is required and do you need a power supply? 

We ask for at least a 10x10 area to properly run the 360 booth. The booth itself can run off a battery for up to 8 hours but having an electrical outlet nearby is necessary for our lighting and as a backup for the battery.

How much does it cost to rent the booth & what does that include?

You can rent our 360 Booth currently for $250/Hr. with a 2-hour minimum or you can add it on to one of our partners Photo & Video packages for $200/Hr. (Contact us for more info). This includes the booth, an attendant, 4 colored lights on stands, 2 colored uplights, and stanchions to rope off the area around the booth. There are no additional fees for the time it takes before and after the event to set up and break down. Props, confetti and more elaborate backdrops are available for additional fees.

What geographic areas do you cover?

We cover all of Mid-Michigan, Southeastern Michigan and The Thumb, without charging additional travel fees. Any event taking place outside of a 75 mile radius from Metamora, MI will be subject to a reasonable travel fee. 

How can I reserve my date?

Visit the CONTACT PAGE to begin the process of securing your date or call us at 248-592-7875. We will then collect your email address to send you an agreement form that can be filled out and signed electronically.  

Contact us to check our availability

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