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St. Augustine FL Destination Wedding Videographer


Examples of our Highlight & Teaser Videos 

Darryl & Chelsea - Wedding Highlight Video - 8-hour Package w/ 1 Videographer - Ceremony & Reception @ TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, FL 

Phil & Sarah - Wedding Highlight Video - 8-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception at White Orchid at Oasis in Ft. Myers, FL

David & Lari - Wedding Highlight - 7-hour Package - Ceremony & Reception at Watergarden Inn at the Bay in St. Petersburg, FL

Will & Kristyn Wedding Teaser Video - 6-hour Pkg. - Ceremony & Reception @ Lucy Creek Dockhouse in Beaufort, SC

Jordan & Megan - Wedding Highlight - 8-hour Package - The Property at Sand Lake in Crawfordville, FL

Jeff & Vicky - Wedding Highlight Video - 6 -hour Package - Wedding Ceremony at High Shoals Falls in Hiawassee, GA & Reception at Innsbruck Resort & Golf Club in Helen, GA

Joshua & Mary Clare - Wedding Highlight - 4-hour Package - Prep @ Casa Monica Resort & Spa & Ceremony @ Anastasia State Park - Both in St. Augustine, FL

Alex & Kimmy - Wedding Highlight Video - 9-hour Package w/ 2 Videographers - Ceremony & Reception @ TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, FL 

Tim & Shancy - Wedding Teaser Video - Ceremony & Reception @ Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club in Miami, FL

Fahad & Saima - Wedding Teaser Video - Wedding events took place in several locations throughout the Detroit area in Michigan

More examples of our 60-second Instagram Teaser Videos 

A bit of info about us and the wedding videos that we create

If you're looking for an easy-going, fun videographer who specializes in creating wedding videos that tell a complete story of your wedding celebration, you're in the right place! As you'll notice in the examples above, no two wedding highlight videos are the same. I do my best to customize each wedding video I create to fit the couple I'm working with as well as the flow of the wedding day. If you're looking for a cookie-cutter, slow motion video of your wedding day, I'm probably not the right fit for your wedding videographer needs.


Our Full Video is one of the most popular reasons that engaged couples choose us to capture their wedding. The Full Wedding Video gives you the opportunity to watch all of the events that happen during your wedding day in their entirety in a long-form video that you watch like a movie, complete with a credit roll at the end and outtakes of the most funny candid moments that take place throughout the day. Our Full Length Videos are typically 45-75 minutes for 4-6 hours of coverage and 60-120 minutes for 7-9 hours of coverage. The amount of time varies depending on the length of your ceremony, speeches and other main events because you'll be watching them in their entirety, edited to give you the best shots from two or more camera angles. The other portions of the day (ie. Getting Ready, Photo Session, Decorations, Mingling, Open Dancefloor, etc..) are edited into montages throughout the video and set to a soundtrack of your choice. Contact us to see a sample of our Full Video. 

While the quality of our videos are comparable to the best in the business, our style of editing is unique because we like the video to match the flow of the day. We think that videos that jump back and forth from the reception to getting ready, back to the reception and then the ceremony are hard to follow. So, we like to start most of our Highlight Videos off with one of the most emotional moments of the day but then immediately transition from that into a flow of the events the way you experienced them on your wedding day. That, my friends, is where the name Relive Your Day originated; We want you to relive your day the way it actually happened.

One of the first questions most couples ask is about the cost. We don't believe that there's a one-size-fits-all wedding package because every couple we work with has different needs and budget. So, while we have a few pre-designed packages, we prefer to customize packages based on what you're looking for and the budget you're working with. We can customize packages from 2 hours of coverage up to 20+ hours for multi-day events. A good place to start is our Pricing Page. There you'll find a few packages as well as an A la carte option that will allow you to customize the perfect package for your wedding day or weekend.

My name is Gordon Yurk. I'm the Lead Wedding Videographer for every wedding captured by Relive Your Day Wedding Videos because I want to be absolutely certain that every wedding is captured the way it should be. You only get one chance to capture the many, many great moments that happen during the wedding day so I take full responsibility in making sure that we capture everything to the very best of our ability. When couples decide that they need a second videographer that usually means that I get to introduce you to my wife, Ambi, as long as she's not busy coordinating a wedding through her beach wedding planning business Wed By The Sea (shameless plug). While the most important characteristic in hiring a wedding videographer should be whether or not you connect with the type of video they create, you should also know that I'm a very easy person to work with. It takes A LOT to stress me out which allows me to be very flexible when creating a timeline, working around any unforeseen circumstances that may arise and always doing my best to keep everyone around me as calm as I am. I guess that's why the term "bridezilla" seems to be a mythical creature to me. This characteristic also allows me to work well with all of your other vendors and to help you and everyone in your wedding party to just relax and have a great time. This is very important because I feel that one of the most vital factors in creating great wedding videos is capturing a bride and groom as they enjoy the time of their lives with their family and friends! Speaking of family and friends, I also want to point out that we try to be as considerate as possible to them as well by getting the shots we need without creating any distractions during those important moments. We also edit all of our own videos because we shoot them in a particular way, with editing in mind. So, the footage makes the most sense to us. ​


You probably won't find a more culturally diverse wedding videographer than we are. We have filmed weddings for wide variety of cultures and religions including: Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, South African, Ethiopian, LGBTQ, Asian as well as every type of traditional and non-traditional American wedding you can think of from sunrise & sunset weddings on the beach to full Catholic mass weddings to rooftop weddings to barn weddings to backyard weddings. We LOVE unique weddings!! So, if you are having a wedding in which cultural specific events are of great importance we have the experience to make sure that they get captured properly!

Relive Your Day Wedding Videos is located in St. Augustine, FL so we specialize in capturing weddings in North and Central Florida including St. Augustine, Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, St. Petersburs, Cocoa Beach but cover the entire state of Florida, without charging additional travel fees. As of 2019, we have captured weddings in 9 different states and can't wait to add more states and countries to the list! We will travel to any location in the world to capture your wedding! 

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 Relive Your Day Wedding Videos
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