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Chicago, Illinois

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Miami, Florida

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How are we different from other videographers?

Any talented wedding videographer can create a romantic cinematic wedding film of your wedding but there's so much more to a wedding day than that. You'll see so many of the exact same type of shots in the majority of wedding videos you watch because too many wedding videographers care more about impressing each other than they do creating something that truly represents the wide variety of emotions you experience on your wedding day. That is the most distinguishing feature about the videos we create. While, we craft our videos around the love you share, the fun you have when it's just the two of you as well as the celebration with your family and guests is what really makes each story so unique. So, as you'll notice in the examples above, no two wedding highlight videos are the same. We do our best to customize each wedding video we create to fit the couple we're working with as well as the flow of the wedding day, which will allow you to RELIVE YOUR DAY the way that it actually happened!

But, if you're still on the fence about hiring a videographer, watch this video and think about whether or not photo alone would allow you to relive these moments properly:
Looking for something more than just a short Highlight Video?

The first thing that you'll probably notice that's different about our wedding videos is that we can't tell you how long the Feature Video will last. Some videos take 20 minutes to tell the full story while others only need about 8 minutes. Another popular reason that engaged couples choose us to capture their wedding is the Full "Movie" Video, which is a video we offer that gives you the opportunity to watch all of the events that happen during your wedding day in their entirety in a long-form video that you watch like a movie, complete with a credit roll at the end and outtakes of the most funny candid moments that take place throughout the day. The duration of this video is 45-120 minutes, which varies depending on the length of your ceremony, speeches and other main events because you'll be watching them in their entirety, edited to give you the best shots from two or more camera angles. The other portions of the day (ie. Getting Ready, Photo Session, Decorations, Mingling, Open Dancefloor, etc..) are edited into montages throughout the video and set to a soundtrack of your choice. Contact us to see a sample of our Full Video. 

How much will this cost?

One of the first questions most couples ask is about our pricing. We don't believe that there's a one size fits all package for wedding photo/video. However, because we understand that you're trying to get an idea of our pricing we do have our most popular package pricing listed on our PRICING PAGE. We would love to discuss options with you to help us determine what we can do to create a package that fits perfectly. So, please fill out our contact form  (at the bottom of this page) with as much information as possible.


We capture EVERY type of wedding!

You probably won't find a more culturally experienced group of wedding videographers than we are. We have filmed weddings for wide variety of cultures and religions including: Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, South African, Ethiopian, LGBTQ, Asian as well as every type of traditional and non-traditional American wedding you can think of from sunrise & sunset weddings on the beach to full Catholic mass weddings to rooftop weddings to barn weddings to backyard weddings. We LOVE unique weddings!! So, if you are having a wedding in which cultural specific events are of great importance we have the experience to make sure that they get captured properly!


"Don't just remember your day...RELIVE IT!!!!"

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