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Destination Wedding Videographer

If you're looking for a Wedding Videographer that offers HIGH-QUALITY CINEMATIC WEDDING VIDEOS with a more AUTHENTIC TRUE-TO-LIFE FEEL, which will allow you to relive your wedding day the way that it actually happened, for the most affordable price you'll find, you're in the right place!!

There 3 Things to Consider When Picking The Best Wedding Videographer For YOU :

#1: Do you emotionally connect with the wedding videos of couples who you don't even know personally? If so, imagine how much more emotional your videos will be!

Our Feature Length Videos

Our Short Highlight Videos

Our Teaser Videos

#2: Are you confident in the ability, experience and professionalism of the professional(s) who will be capturing and editing your videos and do you think their presence will be comfortable during your wedding day? 


Any talented wedding videographer can create a cinematic wedding film of your wedding but there's so much more to a wedding day than that. You'll see so many of the exact same type of shots in the majority of wedding videos you watch because too many wedding videographers care more about impressing each other than they do creating something that truly represents the wide variety of emotions you experience on your wedding day. That is the most distinguishing feature about the videos we create. While, we craft our videos around the love you share, the fun you have when it's just the two of you as well as the celebration with your family and guests is what really makes each story so unique. So, as you'll notice in the examples above, no two wedding highlight videos are the same. We do our best to customize each wedding video we create to fit the couple we're working with as well as the flow of the wedding day, which will allow you to relive your day the way that it actually happened!

My name is Gordon Yurk. I'm the Lead Wedding Videographer for most weddings captured by Relive Your Day but I've also developed a team of wedding videographers and photographers who deliver the same type of professionalism and talent as I do. You only get one chance to capture the many, many great moments that happen during the wedding day so we take full responsibility in making sure that we capture everything to the very best of our ability. The most important factor in hiring a wedding videographer should be whether or not you connect with the type of videos they create but I feel like it's important for you to know that we will probably be the most easiest vendor you'll work with on your wedding day. We work well with all of your other vendors and do our best to help you and everyone in your wedding party to relax and have a great time. This is very important because I feel that one of the most vital factors in creating great wedding videos is capturing a bride and groom as they enjoy the time of their lives with their family and friends! Speaking of family and friends, I also want to point out that we try to be as considerate as possible to them as well by getting the shots we need without creating any distractions during those important moments. Whether it's me or one of my team members who capture your wedding day, I edit all of my own videos because we shoot them in a particular way, with editing in mind. So, the footage makes the most sense to me and I want to make sure that the quality stays consistent. ​


You probably also won't find a more culturally diverse wedding videographer than we are. We've filmed weddings for wide variety of cultures and religions including: Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, South African, Ethiopian, LGBTQ, Asian as well as every type of traditional and non-traditional American wedding you can think of from sunrise & sunset weddings on the beach to full Catholic mass weddings to rooftop weddings to barn weddings to backyard weddings. We LOVE unique weddings!! So, if you're having a wedding in which cultural specific events are of great importance we have the experience to make sure that they get captured properly!


#3: What are the quality of your wedding videos and the confidence in the professionals who create them worth to you and does that line up with their pricing? 

Important things to keep in mind while looking over our packages:

1. We offer payment plans. You can make as many or as little payments as you'd like as long as the balance is paid within 2 weeks of your wedding.

2. You can pick the smallest package and upgrade. We can't downgrade a package once you select one but you can always upgrade, if you feel like you're going to want add additional hours, services or edits.

3. We allow you to add additional edits up to 1 year AFTER your wedding. So, if you thought you would only want the RAW footage but later decided that you'd rather have a Highlight Video or a much longer video that plays like a feature length movie, you can purchase that up to one year later. (Hint: Great 1st anniversary gift)

4. Down Payments/Deposits are only about 10% of the package price

5. Weddings in January - March qualify for an off-season discount


We customize our packages to fit your needs

There's no one size fits all package for wedding videos. Some couples are looking for photo/video combination packages while other only need one service or the other. Some couples are looking for one day of photo/video coverage while others want us to cover the whole weekend. Some couples want our Full Video to watch their wedding play like a movie (with credits and outtakes) while other couples are only interested in a short Highlight Video or even just the RAW footage. For this reason, we prefer to customize every package we offer to fit what you're looking for the best we can! However, because we understand that you're trying to get an idea of our pricing we can tell you that most couples invest $2,000-$6,000 with us. So, please fill out our contact form with as much information as possible to help us determine a couple options to create wedding packages that will allow you to relive your day forever!


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